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Tips For Selling Your Home

Price the house properly

Unless asked, don't be present during the showing

Curb appeal is important-keep the outside clean, the lawn cut, and landscaping manicured

Make sure sliding glass/screen doors work properly (i.e., slide with ease)

Keep the garage door closed, especially when taking photos of the exterior

Paint the interior, front door, and stoop porch if needed

Keep the driveway plowed in winter

Make sure all lights work, and have them on during the showing

Curtains should be clean and complement the room

Fix leaks, loose tiles, boards, etc; repaint areas with leak stains

Replace the roof if necessary

Replace bathroom and kitchen fixtures if needed

Make sure pets are not running loose when showing home

Make house look as spacious and open as possible

Highlight storage space

List all improvements made within the last five years

Do not sell furniture or belongings along with the house

Remove bad odors ~ cigarette smoke/pet odors ~ use potpourri

Be objective! What will prospective buyers see when they first set foot into your house? What would you be looking for if you were buying the house?